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Made in the U.S.A.

Normal Link Diameter: .394 inches

Min. breaking force: 17,984 lbs.

Max. breaking force: 58,000 lbs.

Surface hardness: 62 Rockwell

Core hardness: 49 Rockwell

Length shipped with ATV Lock: 3 feet

Length shipped with Trailer Lock: 4 feet

Additional Chain may be ordered in two ways:

1.) As a continuous length added to the ATV or Trailer lock Kit.
The ATV lock comes with 3 feet of chain, the Trailer lock comes with 4 feet of chain.
If ordering continuous chain, shipping and handling is covered in the shipping charge for the Lock Kit.
$1.00 per foot has been added to the price of the chain to cover shipping the additional weight.
(This chain is heavy.)

2.) As a separate length of chain in one foot increments. If you are looking for strong chain for a gate lock, or other use. This is it! When ordering as a separate length, shipping and handling is charged at $10.00 plus $1.00 per foot included in unit price, for extra weight.