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CAUTION: For Safety Reasons, Always wear protective safety glasses when using hand tools/power tools or installing equipment. Always identify buried cables, water, and gas lines before you dig or drill!

NOTE: You will need the following tools:
Hammer 1/2" or larger Drill Adjustable Wrench
We at S & H provide everything else:-)

1. Get familiar with the kit and read instructions all the way through. (see 'Complete Kit' illustration of parts)

2. Find an accessible location for the foundation plate on a concrete foundation.

3. Using a Drill motor with a 1/2" masonry bit, drill the first of 4 holes into the concrete slab 3 1/2" deep.

HINT: We recommend blowing the concrete dust free from the holes before mounting the plate

4. Using a hammer, drive first bolt with washer & nut attached through one of the holes in the foundation plate and into the drilled hole in the concrete until the washer and nut are tight against the plate.
Tighten nut against the base using the adjustable wrench.

Drill remaining holes through the foundation plate using existing holes as a guide. Install each bolt as you go.

Lock Operation:  Click here to view demonstration. (video 955kb)             

NOTE: It is best to secure property by wrapping chain around the frame not the axle. But if you do, ensure the chain is tight enough that if wheel is removed, the chain can not slide off axle thereby releasing the secured property.

A. Insert the SLIDER through the FOUNDATION PLATE and slide forward until the edges are even with the plate.

B. Place TOP HOUSING over the top of slider and foundation plate so that the nuts can not be removed.

C. Secure property to the "H" Base Security Lock with the 3 FT. CHAIN by sliding the U-Shaped part of the Master Lock PADLOCK around the top of SLIDER mechinism. Then slide ends of the chain on to the U-shaped part of the padlock. Because it is a precise fit, you must put the ends of the chain down into the slot of the TOP HOUSING a bit. Then attach the Padlock.