H-Base High Security Locks sells the best ATV locks, Motorcycle Locks, trailer locks on the web.

                                                                         Keeps your stuff where you put it.     "The Most Secure Kit on the Web"

Made in the U.S.A.

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ATV Lock/Motorcycle Lock

Trailer Lock

Extra Chain

Kit Contents

Lock Base Installation

ATV Lock Operation


Stop thieves in their tracks!

ATV LOCK Bolts into your garage.

Chain will withstand BOLT-CUTTERS or a HACKSAW! The Base is bolted down !


ATV/Motorcycle Lock Kit - $210
Incl. Anchor Base, 3ft chain, complete installation kit

Extra H-Base Plate - $50
H shaped base allows second anchor point

Lock and Chain Only - $99
Toughest lock on the market!

Case Hardened (Rockwell 62) Chain - $14/ft


Trailer Lock Kit - $221
Incl. Anchor base, J-Bolts, 3ft chain,  complete installation kit


The thick steel base conceals the bolts and anchors to concrete.


Product Review:
"A massive chain and a base plate which is secured to the ground makes the H-Base Security System one of the toughest on the market."

"The security system isn't cheap, but it seems like a small price to pay to ensure that your ride stays where you parked it. There's no doubt in our minds that it would perform exactly as advertised. We're not sure there is a better security system available on the market for the price of the H-Base High Security system."  
-- MotorCycleUSA.com

* The price increase is due to the increased price of steel in 2008."H-Base" lock features a base plate of 1/2" steel that you can bolt securly into your cement pad. The base plate stays there. When you return from your adventures, just park your vehicle near the base plate and chain it up. The heavy steel housing covers the base plate and bolts making them inaccessible.

The mesh covered 3/8" chain is uncuttable with cutters or a hacksaw and secured in place with a genuine Kryptonite weatherproof, double deadbolt padlock. The H-Base lock even includes steel housing that limits access to the padlock shackle for those persistent intruders who may try to cut it.
We are committed to customer satisfaction, and we are confident you will feel secure about your vehicles when they are locked up with the H-Base lock. If you are not satisfied, you may return the lock for a full refund. That is our guarantee.


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Bolts into your trailer or truck bed.

Photo Courtesy of Polaris Outdoors -Tulsa